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Terms and conditions

1) Given the variability of material prices, in particular timber, the amount stated in your estimate/quote cannot be guaranteed and is subject to change. Customers will be informed before work commences should this happen and a revised estimate/quote will be sent on request.
2) Where there are unexpected extra materials needed to complete a job the final invoice will reflect
3) Should unexpected extra work need to be undertaken to complete a job the final invoice will
reflect this.
4) Should customers request additional work to be undertaken the final invoice will take into
account both the extra materials and labour costs.
5) With bespoke items and special orders the customer is fully liable for any additional costs should
they wish to make changes to them once they have been ordered or made.
6) A deposit to cover the cost of materials is required beforehand, unless otherwise agreed with the
7) Refunds of deposits are at the discretion of Broadleaf Fencing. For bespoke and specialist items a
refund is highly unlikely since, in the majority of cases, these are non refundable or there is a
significant restocking fee.
8) The majority of our estimates/quotes are based on price, unless agreed beforehand to be day rate.
9) Where we are reusing or reattaching to existing materials we cannot be held liable for these.
10) Where we are using customer supplied materials we cannot be held liable for these.
11) Materials remain the property of Broadleaf Fencing and are recoverable until settlement in full.
12) All quotes and estimates are inclusive of VAT.

We aim to keep customers fully informed of any changes or additional costs and have an estimate/quote accuracy of 95%.

Payment Terms


Invoices are to be paid by bank transfer, unless agreed otherwise beforehand.

Invoices are to be paid by its due date, which is usually a 7 day payment term.

Late Payments


Invoices that remain unpaid by its due date interest will be charged on the outstanding balance on a daily basis at the statutory interest rate of 8%. Should the invoice remain unpaid at 30 days from the invoice date, a further late fee will be applied of 10% on the outstanding balance (including any interest incurred) and legal action will be taken to recover debts. 

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